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International conference ATEE 2018 Spring Conference: participation of representatives of the Belarusian State Pedagogical University


June 6, 2018 representatives of the Belarusian State Pedagogical University Makovchik AV, Vice-rector for Academic Affairs, Radygina VV, Deputy Director for Academic Studies of IPCiP, Karakulko IL, Dean of the Faculty of Additional Professional Education IPKiP, Klezovich OV, Dean Faculty of management and professional development of teachers IPKiP, Turchenko IA, senior lecturer of the department of management and educational technologies and Shestitko EV , the head of the "First Education" sector of the "Alternativa" CSD took part in the International Conference ATEE 2018 Spring Conference "Designing Teacher Education and Professional Development for the 21st Century: Current Trends, Challenges and Directions for the Future"

On the first day of the conference, O. V. Klezovich, dean of the Faculty of Management and Professional Development of IPCiP Teachers, O. Klezovich, and Head of the "First Education" Sector of the "Alternative" MD, E.V. Shestitko as part of the presentation of the Erasmus + project results: "The introduction of modules on law and rights in teacher training and educational curricula: a contribution to the construction of human rights education systems in transition countries" presented a report in English on "The role of education law in teacher education and education in Belarus - a pedagogical perspective.

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