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Senior Lecturer

Elena Kokhnovskaya

1996: graduated with honors from Vitebsk Pedagogical University with a degree in Primary School Teaching&Music.

1997: graduated from BSPU named after M.Tank with a specialization in “Methods of musical education”, and was offering the Master's degree of Music Learning.

2002: postgraduated from BSPU named after M. Tank with a degree in Theory and Methods of Music Learning with the dissertation research “Technology of teaching ballet music in school”

2012: graduated from retraining courses of Institute of advanced training and retraining with obtaining of Computer Science degree.

1997 – 2001 – Primary school teacher of the Delyatichi Basic School (Grodno region).

2001 – 2003 – teacher-organizer of the Lyubcha high school (Grodno region).

2003 – 2006 – Educational-methodical department Methodist of Primary school of the State Educational Institution «Minsk regional education institute».

2007 – present time – Senior Lecturer at the Department of Private Methods of the [State Educational Institution Maxim Tank Belarusian State Pedagogical University Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining] . FPKSO IPKiP BSPU named after Maxim Tank.

30.01.2017– 10.03.2017 – Advanced training in the educational program «Intensive learning: technology organization of the educational process» .

2018 – Educational program of the training course "German language (elementary level)" (16 academic hours)

2018 – Educational program of training course “Supervision as a technology of effective communication” (6 academic hours)

Diploma of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee Education Department (2011)

Diploma of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus for the development of scientific and methodological materials (2015)

Folk Pedagogy


Ethnic culture

Ethnocultural education of preschool children